About Al-Ulama

There is a compelling need for religious guidance in the society. Scholars are discharging this obligation in their individual capacity, but it is essential to have a collective platform from which the light of knowledge and verification can spread in the whole of Pakistan and all areas of the world. Instead of being an individual work, the more collective it becomes the more beneficial and fruitful it will be.

Whenever a sudden event or an issue arises, Scholars express their opinion concerning it, but due to the lack of proper organization, arrangement and care, sometimes the agreed upon position of the scholars is also portrayed as a matter of division and difference. An organized committee can correct such matters.

Many competent great and small Scholars were participating in Whatsapp groups and spreading their gems, but up to now these researches and exchanges of views were not preserved and compiled in an organized manner. In this Majmu’ah of the committee, audios will be transcribed and notes will be preserved, and its monthly activities will be organized and published in a superb manner, so the benefit becomes widespread.

Our duty is to present issues to many competent and great scholars who are not using social media, and to propagate their views on social media. Hence through this Committee, it will be made sure to go to such scholars and record their views or to have a monthly or quarterly sitting to present occurring issues to them and obtain their religious guidance, insha Allah.

Such a committee is essential to connect young talented and competent scholars with major scholars, so that they learn from their knowledge, research, methodology and style, and become the true inheritors of the knowledge of Prophethood, and to transmit knowledge and experience to the next generation.

Those scholars who are erudite in knowledge are not very active on Media and social Media, while activists do not have the same expertise in knowledge and time or capacity to check the original resources, so this matter will also be solved through this committee. Those erudite in knowledge will give their views and positions and experts of social media will propagate these views to the public, insha Allah.

Through the Online Fatwa Centre, mobile number, what’s app and email etc, anyone can ask a question to the committee and request a Fatwa (religious verdict) from them. These questions will be received by the secretary and after consultation with the president or vice president of the committee, he will respond accordingly.