Hafiz Ahmad shakir a literary Islamic scholar passed away in lahore Pakistan.
A Well known islamic scholar the son of Molana Ataullah Hanif Bhojiani, Interpreter of Sharah Sunan Nasai the Hadith book passed away today at around seven o’clock in the morning on November22,2022 . He was ill for a long time. Ahmad shakir was the editor and manager of the weekly magazine Al-Ittisam Lahore.
His religious services contains many decades. He set a bright example of courage and truthfulness in religious journalism through the editorship of Al-Ittisam.

The deceased was simple-natured and simple-minded,his life reminds the acts of Salaf Saleheen (the pious predecessors) . We pray that Allah SWT grant patience to all the deceased’s family members.

Hafiz Ahmad Shakir, the only son of Maulana Ataullah Hanif Bhujiani . He has been suffering from paralysis and was under treatment for a few months. Since my youth I received his special affection and attention.
He used to come from far away to see me in old age and sickness to Take my opinion in the layout and text arrangement of every important work of the institution. He was the same age as my father, but now even if you go out with a lamp to find out for such elders, you will not find them this level of scholars.
In the last days, one of his wishes reached me that Maulana Bhojiani’s style of writing should be reviewed. I submitted that who could be better option for this job than Dr. Khurshid Rizvi. He wanted me to submit my review in this regard. On my suggestion it was decided that we will gain Dr. Sahib’s service together and will hand over Maulana’s Articles and books to him.

Today the heart is sad. Two or three weeks ago we met because of my bad health. Hafiz Sahib remembered the destination very well .
Hafiz Shakir also had a high literary taste. Among prose writers, he liked Abul Kalam Azad, Shorash Kashmiri, Hanif Nadvi, Shams Uzair and Ishaq Bhatti(the great scholars of subcontinent). He liked Abdul Qadir Hasan, Nazir Naji, Irshad Haqqani, Khurshid Nadeem and Javed Chaudhary among the columnists. Faiz was the most favourite in poetry. (Sajjad khalid)

May Allah have mercy on him