Shaikh Mahmud Thahhan,expert scholar of Hadith , reportedly died on Thursday afternoon.The exact location of Sheikh Mahmud’s death is not yet known, but some sources say he died in Egypt.
He was a resident of Aleppo, Syria. He had been teaching at Islamic University of Madinah for ten years, later he had been teaching at Jamia Imam in Riyadh for several years, and there he compiled and authored the book titled ‘Taisir Maslatah Al Hadith’. Apart from this, the deceased’s books on Usul al-Takhreej, Darasat al-Asanid, Hajjat ​​al-Sunnah, etc. also gained a lot of fame. He wrote a Ph.D. thesis titled “Al-Khatib al-Baghdadi Wa asrohu fi Ulum al-Hadith”, which is his exemplary book on its unique topic.
His books on hadith and principles of hadith have been widely accepted, although scholars have some Critical views on them.

Upbringing & Study:

He grew up in a religious family. He began memorizing The Quran (Hifz), with Sheikh Mohammed Najib Hayatah May God’s mercy be upon him, then he has completed memorizing the Quran in two years during his secondary studies of Shairah at Aleppo. For higher education in Shariah, he went to the University of Damascus where he graduated in 1960/1380, Studied the Master at Islamic University of Madina and in 1971/1391, he earned a Ph.D in Hadith at the University of Al-Azhar.

His Well-Known Teachers:

Skhaikh Juma’
Sheikh Abdul Wahhab Sukkar
Sheikh Muhammad Najib Khayyata
Dr Abul Khair Zainul Abidin
Sheikh Muhammad Mhammad Abu Zahw
Sheikh Muhammad Samahiy
His Well Known Students:

Abdul Razzaq Shayji Dean of the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Kuwait University, formerly
Dr Mohammed Al Awadhi
Professor Hossam El Din Afaneh
Dr. Walid Tabtabai
Fahd Alkhne
Dr Nihad slaves

His Literary Legacy:

Taysir Mustalah al-Hadith
Usul Takhrijul Hadis wa Dirasatul Hadith
Bahth Fil Radd Ala Hasan Turabi
Man Lis Sanatil Youm
Inayatul Muhaddisin
Mo’jam Mustalah al-Hadithiyyah

May Allah have mercy on him and accept his good deeds